Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kent made this Cedar potting table for my mother as her Christmas Present!

The table smells wonderful and is the perfect height for potting plants.

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Awesome Light Show

This is awesome.......

Click on Holdman Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flower Software Version 6.1 Just in time for Christmas

Welcome to the Flower 2009 program version 6.1

This update is just in time for a great Christmas present.

We hope you enjoy all the new features.

New features and fixes include:

Update Flower program to 2009

Daylily locations - Ask to update daylily fan count from location fan counts

Daylily report - Fix filter by bed location

Daylily report - Add subtotals to print daylily counts and fan counts.

Daylily report- Print locations option
Print fan counts at each location.
Daylily report - New garden map option
Print by bed location and subtotal by bed location.
Daylily labels - New option to export to Excel file.
Daylily Hybridize - Seedling page - New option to add multiple pictures for each seedling.
Daylily Hybridize - New Seedling picture page to manage seedling pictures.

Iris - new Reversed option for Style field
Iris - New characteristics of Novelty and None
Iris - New beard form of None.
Iris - New subtype of Arimed if type is Aril
Iris - New style of Glaciata
Iris - New fragrance field.
Iris - New Signals color field
Iris - New Horns/Flounces/Spoons color field.

Roses - Add Bed locations option.
Roses - Add ToDo option.

Perennial - Increase description to allow unlimited text in descriptions.

Find option - Add bed location column in Daylily, Hosta, Iris and Rose sections.
Find option - New option to display catalog picture in Daylily, Hosta, Iris, Rose and Perennial sections
All Find options - Remember last sort option selected.
All Find options - Add Quit button to allow user to return to previous flower.
All Flower sections - Add Undo button to not save any changes made.
All Flower sections - Save option - Check for any duplicates with same name.
All Catalogs - Add new Reload Picture option to reset the catalog picture to the main flower picture.
All Purchase from and Sold To - Increase state from 2 characters to 3 characters.

New Links page in all section with options to View website, Share Links and Get Links from other Flower users.

New option to Copy or Move to another File cabinet in all flower sections.

New Backup option to save all your Flower program data.- Lots of minor changes throughout the program

Please help promote the program and spread the word.

Please let me know if you find any problems or have new ideas.

Thanks for everyones support,

Merry Christmas,

Kent & Lisa

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Upcoming Events

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Plantstep

Version 6.1 will be released January 2009!

Check out the Catalogs section of our website.

Upload your catalog to share photos and sell plants.

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in 2009!