Monday, April 28, 2008

Passion Vine


This is my passion vine. It is the host plant for the Gulf Frittilary butterfly. The caterpillars eat my plant to the ground when they arrive here in South Georgia. For now, I am enjoying the beauty of the purple bloom is displays!
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Garden Smiles Today!


My garden is happy today! We received some rain. The hummingbirds are zooming around and the baby blue birds are playing in the bird bath!
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amaryllis in bloom in my garden

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Beautiful Blue Iris in bloom

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hummingbird plants in full bloom!

Greetings from Ty Ty, Georgia. The hummingbirds have been busy for 2 weeks here in South Georgia. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching two of them work on my Lavender blooms, Bottlebrush blooms, and especially my greggi red salvia and hot lips salvia plants which are in full bloom! Stay tuned for updated information, including the return of the swallowtail butterflies!

Lisa Belan

New Plants this year for my garden

I am so excited about the new sizzler zinnias for my garden this year. Look at this awesome color!