Monday, January 7, 2008

What our Customers are saying about Plantstep!

I would like to encourage anyone to buy this software it is
inexpensive, and I absolutely love it! It helps me keep track of all of
my Cultivars, as well as seedlings, and with the multiple images that
we can put in it is so wonderful. This program is so easy to use, Kent
is continuously improving and adding features to it. It is a wonderful
tool to use, especially for me, to see what traits are passed on from
certain cultivars, and My memory is not up to par, (whatever that
means, I don't golf!) Ok let's just say CRS.
Nice way to say it is Can't Remember Stuff.

Anyway this program helps me try to be organized, and I can just click
on what I want to see, and it is right there.With over 600 Daylilies,
not counting seedlings, it is taking me a while to get it all in
there, but I am so glad to do it. I can add the Hybridizers picture,
and my own pictures to compare notes and years of how it looks and
make notes of what it has done, or hasn't done. I am also with my
seedlings, putting my crosses in, how many I have planted, and how
many sprouted, etc. I might find a Rhyme Or Reason why some do or do
not germinate? Maybe it is the cross, maybe it is my conditions? But
in any case I can write it all in, to try to see what has happened in
the past and maybe try something different in the future. It is better
to have it all in one program, than to just have a page here and a
page there, or print it out to save, and where did I put it?

I have notes everywhere, but when I go to find them, I can't.
Just like my glasses, as someone talked about before, where are they?
Mine are usually by the computer, but I need them to get to work, and
work! But the screen comes in just fine without them in front of the
computer. It must have something to do with Vista......Just kidding, I
don't have Vista!

Well that is another subject.

Anyway get this program, you will not be sorry! I am telling everyone
I know about it, and then some.

Debbie K. Friedlander

Lynnwood, Washington

Pacific Northwest

Zone 8

New Updated Daylily Catalog

Here is a screen capture of the New Daylily Catalog

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Plantstep 2008

Happy New Year! We are SO excited about our latest update to the plantstep software! Thanks to all for bringing in new ideas this year! We love working with each and everyone of you! Please go to the main page and click on the YouTube video and watch our latest demonstration of the plantstep software. You will love the new additions! As always, please let us know of any new ideas that you have for us to implement!

Have a wonderful day!

Lisa and Kent Belan